“Those pods are powerful.” – anonymous

“Can’t think of a better way to finish a day’s skiing.  Relaxed, refreshed & ready for another day’s skiing tomorrow.  I will be back” – Steve H.

“Such an amazing experience.  I don’t remember the last time I was this relaxed (if ever?).  I will be telling all my friends and family that they must float!  You should be very proud that you have introduced this to our community. Float On!” – Brooke M.

“It’s like morphine for your whole body!  I will be back” – Bobo P.

“Wow!!! Wow!!!  What a beautiful 90 minutes.  Stunned, most relaxing, outta space experience ever.  Will be back” – Tanya A.

“I thought I would come out tired and drained, but feeling truly re-energized and full of vitality!” – anonymous

“I had a floating breakthrough the other day, it was my 4th float and I finally felt calm, comfortable, at ease and happy the entire time, as opposed to the other times which were more like 90% relaxed.  It felt so good to crawl in, lay back and float physically as well as mentally floating in and out of consciousness.  I definitely see the value in taking the time to fit a regular float in now.  It has been incredibly revitalizing, and my post concussion symptoms are very clearly impacted positively each time.” – Ashleigh M.

“An amazing experience – my body loved the floating – I feel re-energized & ready to take on the world!” – Karen

“Ok – I was floating in water and then mid air – then my body melted away – what a feeling.  Thank you.” – Sam

“I experienced floating for the 8th time and I must say it only gets better.  It is a practice to really begin to let go but being in the pod and enjoying silence truly helps one on the way to full body relaxation.  And when I allow my body to soften my mind follows suit.  It felt as if all my cares & worries and stories just floated away on fluffy clouds.  Thank you for being WCF” – Laurisa L.

“It’s like being born again” – JD

“A wonderful, relaxing, out of body experience.  Such a great way to relax.  Can barely write!” – Kale P.

“Total rest.  A cocoon of warmth.  Stillness of the mind.  Rejuvenated spirit.” – Joanne M.

“A wonderful environment! I always leave feeling positive and refreshed.  Thanks for all your hard work, it’s easy to feel the love you put into this place!” – Stefan GR.

“I’ve been for a few floats now and I feel it has generally made me a lighter, brighter person.  Smiling along with snowflakes on my face.” – AMC

“So Crazy” – Anonymous

“90 minutes felt like 15.  Thank you.” – Sarah

“The cabin is my favourite!  I woke up, up-side-down, saw faces of loved ones and breathed into all my tight spots.  Feel great.” – JM



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